Product Description:

The We-Vibe Bloom vibrating Kegal ball is the ultimate pelvic muscle trainer.  This Kegal trainer is made from soft silicone and comes with three interchangeable weights that allow you to customise your training.  You can choose from 10g, 30g and 45g balls and the stronger your muscles become, the more weight you can add to your Bloom.  This makes is a great Kegal trainer for all strength levels.

The Bloom can be used without the vibrations for effective Kegal training, or you can turn on the vibrations for a pleasure-packed pelvic session.  The Bloom has 10 vibrating settings that range from low to high as well as pulse, wave, massage and more.  Its compatible with the free We-Connect app that lows you to add even more vibration styles as well as customise your own.  The Bloom vibrating Kegal trainer has a comfortable design that really targets your pelvic muscles effectively.  It is waterproof and USB chargeable for anytime pleasure.  This pelvic muscle trainer also comes with a low power alert that reminds you when to charge it up.  The Bloom has been designed for easy insertion and easy removal.  It can be used with a water based lubricant for enhanced stimulation and comfort.  In coral, this Kegal trainer adds a pop of colour to your collection and we love the presentation box with a USB charging cable included.  The Bloom is free from phthalates, BPA and latex.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate in pelvic muscle trainer.
  • Made from soft silicone.
  • Interchangeable weights.
  • 10g, 30g or 45g  fightable balls.
  • 10 vibrations for effective Kegal training.
  • Turn on vibrations for pleasure packed pelvic session.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is USB chargeable.
  • The free We-Connect app lows you to add even more vibration styles and you can even add your own styles.
  • Can be used with a water based lubricant for enhanced stimulation and comfort.

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We Vibe Bloom Kegal Balls

  • £109.99
  • £89.99

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