Even though we find ourselves busier than ever with orders, marketing and general work needed to run  we try as hard as we can to write informative and helpful blogs.  Over the last 7 years we have probably seen it all.  we have travelled all around the world to shows clubs and events.  It has given us a wealth of knowledge about the alternative lifestyle scene.  We have over the years made great friends from the LGBTQ, swinging as well as the fetish communities.  We pride ourselves in giving free advice on just about any subject whether it be HIV, STI's, club events, modelling the list is endless.  Certainly if we do not the answer we certainly know someone who does and can give honest guidance and help.  Please do email us with any suggestions you might have for the blogs, we are open to blog  just about anything.  Here are links to our last blogs for you to have a look at.

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